It’s my birthday so I am allowed to be lazy for today.

Just a doodle. Also to justify the name of this here tumbr.

A wip of my zBrush sculpt of Ciel so far. Some placeholder meshes are on her still. Texture and colors are temp.
Heaps more work to be done on the sculpt.

A wip Fanart of Ciel from Godeater 2. Sculpted in zBrush.
Yeah. Taking a photo from the screen is kinda stupid. But I am lazy.

Still a wip ZBrush sculpt.

And it continues.
Zbrush sculpt. Fanart of a video game character.

Fan art still in progress.
Digital sculpting in zBrush.

New wip.
Attempting a fan art of some character. Let’s see how fast I can finish it this time.

Ok, I apologise.. This is the last update for this model I swear!
Also, I really need to start something new.
Some things were bugging me at the last update so I had to fix it.

This has been a fun personal project to work on. Now for my next!

sculpted painted and rendered in zBrush, with some bits of hard surface thingies on Maya.

Posing models.. My sworn enemy..
ZBrush sculpt much much closer to done. At least until I feel like tweaking it again.

More work done to the model.
Sculpted In zBrush with some more precise work done in Maya.